Miss Diaspora Models


To see if you are eligible to participate at Miss Diaspora Models International Competition, read the application requirements, rules and regulations.
Country you want to represent  
Ethnic Background  
First Name  
Middle Name  
Last Name  
Current Address ( Include Appartment, City, State, Zip
Code) Sorry, no P.O. Boxes.
Date of Birth (mo/day/yr)  
Daytime Phone  
Evening Phone  
E-mail Address  
(Eg. If you are 5'7" please put just 57.)
Upload recent picture
(Cocktail Dress)
Upload recent picture 2
(Full body shot)
Upload recent picture 3
(Recent headshot)
Dress Size  
Bust Size  
Shoe size  
What is your status in USA? (Visa/Citizen) Please specify  
List down countries you have traveled and when?  
School, Major, Degree. If graduated, please give date.  
Special Awards  
Languages/ Dialects spoken  
If working, please specify the company and your job
In case of Emergency, who do we contact?  
Have you participated in any Beauty Contest? If so,
give name of Contest and year
What is your life ambition?  
Who is your role model?Why?  
Special interests or hobbies  
Are you under an existing contract? If yes, in nature
effective whom?
What do you think sets you apparts from all the other
Why would we pick you to win/represent over other candidates?
Type the security code 
I certify to the validity and accuracy of the information I have provided in this application form. I hereby understand and agree that any false information provided by me in this application form is a ground for my disqualification before and during the contest or dethronement after the contest. Entrant's signature.

** By filling out this form, you understand that Pageant's officials have the right to revoke ANY title of ANY of the candidates, including but not limited to title winner, (winner of the pageant) for any reason and/or if the candidate does not fulfill her duties.

( Duties, were explained prior to entering the competition, however, they can be modified or changed at the discretion of the pageant's officials)

 Should the title be revoked, the candidate(s) must return all gifts, prizes, awards, trophy etc. ( in the condition that were given to her) to the Pageant’s officials, within a period of two weeks.

Pageant's officials, reserve the right to award some of the prizes immediately after the competition and some after she fulfills her duties, and/or at the end of her reign.

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