Miss Diaspora Models
Q 1 :- Why should I apply at Miss Diaspora Models Beauty Competition?
Ans :- It is a stepping stone for those that are looking to start a career in modeling or simply gain more exposure. It will offer you free tips on modeling, will teach you how to walk and talk in a beauty competition; also is probably the only beauty competition that will not charge you any entry fees.
Q 2 :- Who should apply to Miss Diaspora Models Beauty Competition?
Ans :-All models, looking to gain exposure in the fashion/entertainment industry. Our candidates are beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, and set high goals for themselves.
Q 3 :- What does Diaspora mean?
Ans :-Diaspora stands for people who live outside their country boundaries, thus Diaspora Models is open to all models of foreign descent that live in America.
Q 4 :- When is Miss Diaspora Models Beauty Competition?
Ans :-Miss Diaspora Models Beauty Competition takes place once a year; usually in the fall or winter in New York City. Date and city, are subject to change, from year to year.
Q 5 :- If I am a model who doesn't live in New York, can I apply?
Ans :-Yes. However, since WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY ENTRY FEES, you are responsible for all expenses including but not limited to food, travel and hotel accommodations.
Q 6 :- Do I need a sponsor to be in the competition?
Ans :-No. However, if you have somebody that is willing to sponsor you to be in the competition, let us know.
Q 7 :- What are my expenses to participate in a beauty competition or pageant?
Ans :-In any beauty competition or pageant that doesn't charge any entry fees, some of the expenses are: wardrobe, food, (travel and hotel accommodations for those out of state), fitness classes, tickets the night of the competition, air brush tan, diction coach, translator (for those who do not speak English) etc. Expenses depend on each individual's needs.
Q 8 :- Do you hire your candidates?
Ans :-While we do not offer employment, we might consider in working with you if you have a talent and are looking for a platform to launch your career. Talk to us, if you are a singer or an actor and if you are interested in performing live at one of our shows. We tend to take into consideration those people that are driven and serious about their work.
Q 9 :- What does it take to be part of Miss Diaspora Models beauty competition?
Ans :-To represent your country at Miss Diaspora Models, beauty competition, you need to have both beauty and brains. We are looking for beautiful, driven and goal oriented females that have patience, stamina, positive energy and are ambitious.
Q 10 :- How do you pick your candidates?
Ans :-We are carefully selecting each candidate because we want to make sure we chose the best candidates for each country. That is also the reason why we go through hundreds of applications, interviews and casting calls until we find what we are looking for.
Q 11 :- Who is offering me tips?
Ans :-Tips are offered by professional models or experts that work in the fashion/entertainment industry for many years. Former winners of the beauty competition also make appearances and give away tips.
Q 12 :- Are you a modeling agency?
Ans :-We are not a modeling agency; however, we post different casting gigs on our fan page.
Q 13 :- Is this your first beauty competition?
Ans :-No. We've been around, since 2005.
Q 14: Is the winner selected before the competition?
Ans: NO. While some judges might see the candidates before the competition,the winner is selected the night of the competition. All candidates start the competition with an equal score. The girl with the highest overall score will win.
Q 15: How are the judges selected?
Ans: We are looking for judges that have some experience in the field of fashion/entertainment and/or pageants. While we do make an effort to carefully select the judges we cannot guarantee that all judges will have equal experience in these fields. Also, we will make an effort to carefully select judges that don't have an ethnic background, similar to the girls that are in the competition, however, at times that might be difficult, because some of our candidates have mixed ethnic background.
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