Miss Diaspora Models


"I had an absolutely amazing experience and competing as Miss Italy. It was an opportunity to immerse myself into a group of different cultures and make friends with incredible women. There were fun practices, dancing, gatherings with the models, and promotional opportunities. I would recommend this competition to anyone I know. I had the time of my life and I grew so much from this competition. Even though I may not have won, I have gained the confidence and tools to compete in future pageantsv and better myself. I placed 4th Runner Up and I am just so thankful to have had such an amazing experience. I hope to compete again! "

Danielle Cinone - Miss Italy, at Miss Diaspora Models 2012 International Beauty Competition


"Hello, I just wanted to thank you. I had a wonderful time yesterday it reminds me a lot of good memories. I have never had a chance to tell you but the Miss Diaspora Models has been a huge experience in my life....It's not easy to be a woman and try to be successful but I admire what you have accomplished and what you keep on doing. It's amazing and you are a truly beautiful, smart and inspirational woman. If I'm lucky enough to see all my hard work rewards and manage to become someone I'll sure be proud to say that I was part of Miss Diaspora Models... "

Miss Madagascar 2009, Gwen  Rakotovao


"...Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to be part of this pageant, and for your support!"


2nd Runner Up. Represented Russia at Miss Diaspora Models 2011-2012
Dear Diaspora team, I cannot stress enough how amazing the show was and how happy I was to be part of the magical experience. Thank you for your hard work and support to all girls...Best regards, Tsvetta."

Represented Miss Bulgaria at Miss Diaspora Models 2010. 
"Thank you so much for picking me to be in the pageant this year...what I got back from it is irreplaceable. I may have an opportunity of a lifetime presented to me yesterday and I may still be able to reach my dream. Thank you again Gabriela, your are a blessing in the skies! =) Sylvia"

Represented Miss Poland at Miss Diaspora Models 2010. Won Best in Lingerie.
"Dear: Diaspora Teams I want to thank you guys for everything that you have done for me, I really appreciate every step you took with me, specially Gabriela. I know that you had the hardest job running around, trying to make everything perfect. Next year I'll be glad to be helping with anything that you need, I will keep you posted on the big goals that I reach at every point in my life. Love: Cassey Alex."

Represented Miss Haiti at Miss Diaspora Models 2010. Won Miss Popularity.
  "Gabi you are the best!!!!!Thank you for this great show!!!!!! Will miss our rehearsals...:) xoxo...You are a wonderful person and a great organizer... Lana"

Represented Miss Latvia, 2010. Won Best Costume.
"Thank you...I had so much fun! One of the best moments this year hands down! Naomy"

Represented Miss Indonesia at Miss Diaspora Models 2010.  2nd Runner-Up.
 "...I wanted to thank you for agreeing to take me on board of the team almost at the last moment- I did have a lot of fun and I did draw some useful lessons from participation in the contest. I think you have done an excellent job organizing it! Warm regards,Zhanna "

Represented Miss Russia at Miss Diaspora Models 2010
"...thank you for the great experience; I did learn so very much...mwaa. Raquel"

Represented Miss Ireland at Miss Diaspora Models 2010
"....Gabriela just wanted to say thank you for all you have done...you and Ljuba have been wonderful..Jessica"

Represented Miss Italy at Miss Diaspora Models 2010
"...Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!! It was amazing...Olga"

Represented Miss Ukraine at Miss Diaspora Models 2010
Thank you so much for everything. I had such a wonderful time with the competition. It has given the chance to be more confident with myself!...I want to thank you for all the work,helpful advice and tips you gave me and the girls.... Again thank you so much. You are wonderful! Sincerely Adjovi Alice Koene

Miss Togo at Miss Diaspora Models International 2009 Competition
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a contestant at Miss Diaspora Models International Competition! I got a lot of inspiration to pursue my modeling dreams and will work harder in this direction further! I'm grateful to all of you, to Gabriella in particular for leading the course of the show, to the judges for awarding me "Best in Lingerie" category, to all the contestants for being supportive and all the photographers for taking pictures of this glorious moment! THANK YOU ALL BIG TIME! "

Maryna Trubitsyna, Harvard student. Represented
"Miss Ukraine" in 2008
"I am greatful for making it possible for me to take part at Miss Diaspora Models and for giving me the opportunity to represent my native country. I had a lot of fun during the pagenat and it was not as nerve racking as I thought it will be...hopefully my daughter will be on the same stage one day. Thank you."

Tammy Watson, represented "Miss Barbados" in 2008
"I wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to participate in your pageant. It was a great experience that I will have with me forever. I met wonderful people, including all of you. I am very, very graceful for everything you did for all of us and hope we keep in touch. Again, thank you. "

Tatyanna Lovett, represented "Miss Colombia" at
Miss Diaspora Models International 2008 Competition
"I just wanted to thank you for everything, I had a great time, and the pageant helped me very much; not only with my modeling carrier but my personal life as well. It was great and something new."

Therese Benoite, represented "Miss France" at Miss Diaspora Models International 2007 Pageant
" I want to say thank you for this wonderful experience. It was fun and I'll never forget it. You helped me bring out more confidence in myself ...Thank you so much"

April Simpson- " Miss Popularity" at "Miss Diaspora Models International" 2006 Pageant
" I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL !!!!! I had an awesome experience and A LOT OF FUN. Thank you for everything...I want to participate at the next year Pageant also..."

Olga Parshikova- 2nd Runner Up at " Miss Diaspora Models International" 2006 Pageant
"Thank you so much for your interest in me. It is truly wonderful to be a part of something that isn't deemed as important in our society, in reference to our ethnic culture today... I am humbled by your interest."

Marina Smargiannakis- "Miss Friendship" in 2006 and judge at "Miss Diaspora Models International" 2007 Pageant
" I can't believe there are no fees involved... This is a wonderful thing this company is doing. "

Joanna Pawlowska- 3rd Runner Up at "Miss Diaspora Models International" 2006 Pageant and judge at "Miss Diaspora Models International" 2007 Pageant
"I would like to thank Diaspora Team, for giving me this great opportunity to participate in the Miss Diaspora Models International Pageant. It has truly been a wonderful experience and I will never forget my very first pageant! THANK YOU! xoxo"

Joanna Sambucini

2nd Runner-Up and "Best Original Costume" at "Miss Diaspora Models International" 2006 Pageant Co-Host of "Miss Diaspora Models International" 2007 Pageant

"First and foremost, I would like to thank the Director for choosing me to compete in the 2012-2013 Miss Diaspora Models International beauty competition. I was the first Haitian woman to ever become the second-runner up and I am very proud of my self because this was my first time competing in a beauty competiton. Diaspora Models gave so much exposure and since this competition, some amazing things happened in my career and one of them was to be apart in a great organization, helping our veterans all over the world. Thank you Diaspora Models! "

Day Lys-Miss Haiti

Miss Diaspora Models 2012 International Beauty Competition
" I admire the fact that your company focuses on bringing more diversity to pageants and mainstream modeling. Your site definitely is moving in the right direction. As a Latina, it's always encouraging to see diversity."

Aurilis- Make-Up Artist

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